11.11 2018

Sylvie Kreusch

Sunday Nov 11




NILÜFER YANYA has cancelled her performance at Sonic City festival.
Last minute replacement will be Sylvie Kreusch!
Check the updated time schedule for Sonic City Sunday!


“I’m going up, let myself drop / and swing my hips, I’m free” - Sylvie Kreusch captures her essence on her sumptuous debut Seedy Tricks. Telling stories of intense passion, the wickedness of love, one’s uglier sides and existential loneliness, Kreusch flirts with voodoo and witchcraft like a modern-day witch. Nightmare pop, sensual jazz or you-name-it: Kreusch will have you revel in her fireworks. Buckle up for an adrenaline fueled show, uncensored sexuality and rhythmic thrills.



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