STAFF PICKS: Pieter's Sonic City faves

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STAFF PICKS: Pieter's Sonic City faves

Sonic City: it's a family thing. This week we introduce part of the Sonic City crew. Tom (bookings), Mich (bookings), Pieter (production) and Elisah (communication) talk about 'their Sonic City'. Past, present and future. Pieter Blancke handles all things production.

PRESENT || What are your three favorite 'Sonic City curated by Sonic City' acts?

  • Bohren & der Club of Gore: think: smokey midnight jazz clubs, whiskey, David Lynch vibes. 
  • The Microphones: Phil Elverum is one of my personal heroes. 
  • Girls in Synthesis: Very excited about this punk trio. They're playing their first show outside of the UK at Sonic City so that's quite something. Expect an experimental mix of classic punk, jazz and hardcore. 

PAST || What were your three favorite Sonic City live shows?

  • The Swans [curated by SUUNS, 2012]: one of the loudest concerts I've ever experienced and allround a very memorable show for the entire Sonic City crew. At a certain point there was a power failure ànd a naked dancing man. A night to remember for sure.
  • Melvins [curated by Deerhoof, 2021]: Huge impact! Melvins were my go-to band back then (together with Big Business).
  • Disappears [curated by Viet Cong / Preoccupations, 2015]: 2015: What! a! line-up! Sonic City curated by Preoccupations (then called Viet Cong) was very heavy on the guitar. Very intense. Very loud. All bands played killer sets, but Disappears stood out. Noah Leger replaced Steve Shelley on drums. Epic show for sure.

FUTURE || Any ideas for future curators?

  • Karate: on endless repeat when I was a teenager. Karate is timeless. This would be such a great reunion, no?
  • Fontaines DC: A Heroes Death is a terrific record. Attitude and allround good music, bringing in the Irish post-punk. I guess they'd invite Girl Band to play... I wouldn't mind that at all.
  • Sharon Van Etten: Her music never seizes to surprise me. It's dark, fragile, brilliant, and she's outstandingly great live. Her many collabs with other artists could make her curatorship a very interesting one. 

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