STAFF PICKS: Mich's Sonic City faves

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STAFF PICKS: Mich's Sonic City faves

Sonic City: it's a family thing. This week we introduce part of the Sonic City crew. Tom (bookings), Mich (bookings/production), Pieter (production) and Elisah (communication) talk about 'their Sonic City'. Past, present and future. Mich Decruynaere is one of Sonic City's bookers and handles production together with Pieter.

PRESENT || What are your three favorite 'Sonic City curated by Sonic City' acts?

  • GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS. High expectations! First trip overseas for this band, so quite special for all of us. GIS dropped their full length last year on the splendid Harbinger Sound label ('Here's an echo from your Future'). After a first spin, I was sold immediately.  Hard, loud, honest guitar noise with a punk attitude. Sometimes that's just all you need. Dark music for dark times.
  • AARON DILLOWAY. We've tried to get Aaron to play our infamous Noisefest a couple of times but that never worked out. So thrilled we finally managed to book him for Sonic City. Aaron Dilloway is a true legend in the noise scene. I can't really explain: just go there and see / feel / hear for yourself.
  • DE AMBASSADE. Dutch no wave band with an incredible live reputation. They made an impression in 2019 with their debut full length 'Duitstre Kamers': a highly addictive record. Dreamy, depressing lyrics, minimal beats and analog synths. Dancing, shoegazing, .... Finally in Kortrijk! And now, all together: ''Geen genade! Ik doof het vuur alleen!'' ;-)
  • Extra shout out and love to Bob & Jacob (Le Guess Who) for another line-up collab!

PAST || What were your three favorite Sonic City live shows?

  • Hands down, numero uno: SWANS [Curated by SUUNS, 2012] Last show of a very hard festival day with Michael Gira being a real pain for our production team. We were all physically exhausted, ... with the result: personal emotional release during the Swans concert. Yes, there were some tears, watching the show unfold from the side of the stage. After the show Michael expressed his gratitude and off he was. 'Intense' is a word that's invented for bands like Swans. Swans is better than your band.
  • BOY HARSHER [2019 Shame / Cate Le Bon edition, but curated by Sonic City'].  Boy Harsher, wow. Live: an absolute splinter bomb! The ultimate soundtrack for your utopian nightmare. This band recently made a soundtrack for a horror film they produced themselves. Need I say more?
  • EARTH [Sonic City curated by Dälek, 2009] The enchanting, repetitive and hypnotic guitar riffs of uberhero Dylan Carlson, flanked by minimal rhythms, made a big impression here. A lot of tracks were from 'Hibernaculum'; to this day my favorite Earth album. Pure magic and a room in collective hypnosis.
  • I definitely also want to mention the spontaneous and legendary Dälek afterparty here: Octopus & DJ Markus on the decks, Duvels à volonté, pumping hard old school beats, strobos and the venue full of haze and other aromas. You know, some bands really have become friends of the house. Beak> for example, but Dälek is certainly one of them. Class act!

FUTURE || Any ideas for future curators?

  • TOTAL CONTROL:  Because, as far as I'm concerned... today, most of the interesting guitar bands come from Australia . In the wake of a great band such as TC, a number of interesting bands would probably follow. Thinking of bands such as Low Life, Oily Boys, Exek, Vintage Crop, Eddie Current Suppression Ring, The Chats, Soakie, Cold Meat, Gold Class, Civic, Amyl & The Sniffers, Divide & Dissolve, etc etc etc so much going on there 
  • CRACK CLOUDvery interesting & intriguing band. I suspect they would come up with a very varied, eclectic and challenging line up
  • WHISPERING SONS: something tells me that, despite their own niche genre, they would put together a very surprising & adventurous line-up.

Anyway, ask me again tomorrow and get a different reply. This list is endless .... 


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