STAFF PICKS: Elisah's Sonic City faves

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STAFF PICKS: Elisah's Sonic City faves

Sonic City: it's a family thing. This week we introduce part of the Sonic City crew. Tom (bookings), Mich (bookings), Pieter (production) and Elisah (communication) talk about 'their Sonic City'. Past, present and future. Elisah Vandaele (34) handles Press & PR and is the one behind all the tote bags.

PRESENT || What are your three favorite 'Sonic City curated by Sonic City' acts?

  • NYC art punks GUSTAF: their sound is catchy, taut and has a spikiness that's hard to ignore. Gustaf has that rare playfulness that I really like in a band. Lead singer Lydia Gammill’s cartoony vocal quips combined with Gustaf's addictive basslines make for a great live performance.
  • Los Angeles trio AUTOMATIC: late '70s inspired post-punk / no-wave sound. Tight drumbeats and synths that evoke a certain nostalgia. Automatic has Lola Dompé [daughter of Bauhaus drummer Kevin Haskins] on drums.
  • London trio REGRESSIVE LEFT: I am a true sucker for simple beats and buoyant bass synths. Regressive Left lays down an agitated, rhythmic sound with toe-tapping hooks and big electronic beats. This will be one of those typical Sonic City afternoon shows that get the party started.

PAST || What were your three favorite Sonic City live shows?

  • JAMES HOLDEN [curated by James Holden 2014]: James was a model curator, he was heavily invested in the festival every step of the way. The (electronic) line-up made us address a completely different audience for the first time. We really got the full 360: we went from post-punk to tech-house in no time. I reckon this opened the door to the true Sonic City spirit: no pigeon-holing, no repetition, no bullshit. We like to do something else every year.
  • BEAK> [curated by Beak> 2013]: another exemplary curating role. Beak> has played Sonic City more times than I can remember, as this band always ends up on every curator’s list. No exceptions. Forever our ‘house band’.
  • SQUID [curated by Shame, 2019]: Squid played an early afternoon show and triggered a mássive early turnout. This was probably the first time that 80% of our audience was inside the venue before 4 P.M. This was hands down the most vibrant, memorable Sonic City Sunday. I’ve never seen so many people stage dive. 

FUTURE || Any ideas for future curators?

Heaps! Impossible question, but okay: Squid, Low, Feist, Baxter Dury, OM, The Black Angels, Black Country, New Road.
Ask me again tomorrow and get a different answer. This list is endless.

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