TIMKOH Curated by Cate Le Bon

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Sonic City 2019


Curated by Cate Le Bon




Over   the   course   of   roughly   twenty   years,   American   multi-instrumentalist,   composer   and   visual   artist   Tim   Koh   has   been stacking up the collaborations. He performed with many differenttypes of artists such as Connan Mockasin, Hieroglyphic Being, CassMcCombs, Animal Collective, Thurston Moore and – maybe most notably – Ariel Pink as long time member of his band HauntedGraffiti.  

His   unique   bass   playing   and   musicianship   has   been recognised by many as being an influence.
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Koh got a knack for underground culture early on. He studied at the California Institute of The Arts inhopes to escape the banal, normative life.
He succeeded at that,  travelling   the   world   as   a   musician   before   settling   down   in Amsterdam   where   he   currently   lives   and   works. 

Koh’s   solo endeavour   showcases   his   unique   talent   as   a   musician   andsongwriter, his broad range of juxtaposed styles create a distinctive sound that’s his own. Anchoring his penchant for absurdist pop withmore traditional influences from music and literature; spinning outhazy   tunes   that   obscure   the   line   between   autobiographical narratives and beautiful, batshit crazy fiction.


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