Slumberland ft. Sainkho Namtchylak

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Slumberland ft. Sainkho Namtchylak


With Slumberland, Belgian musician, composer and instrument maker Jochem Baelus has been unleashing obscure, hypnotic krautrock and post punk colored with distorted exotica, upon us since 2013. Slumberland's tactile sound is generated by a battery of sewing machines, film projectors and other dismantled, mechanical objects. After a 1st solo album and the 2019 release 'Sea, sea, sea Drifter // See, see, see Drifter', alongsided by 2 drummers, Slumberland now sets forward as a duo.

Baelus' raw, scandalous vocal makes way for 63 year old voice-artist Sainkho Namtchylak. Namtchylak grew up in Tuva, an autonomous republic in Russia north of Mongolia. As a rebel, she became known as the first female overtone artist, which until then was a privilege for the male portion of the population. Later, she took things a step further combining theses traditional chants with influences from avant-garde music and working with artists from Evan Parker to Tinariwen. Following Slumberland and Sainkho's collaboration, Baelus immersed himself into the characteristics of her voice for a year and developed a new sculpture of sounds to perform with. Expect rattling drones of motoric 'bagpipes' grinding against the unearthly strains of the siren Namtchylak. Her indomitable demons and Russian 'beat poet' phrases accompanied by compelling, melodic & minimal compositions and complete stillness.

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