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“Shame makes music for people that steal hotel soap” is a line that was used to describe the band in a low-budget documentary from 2015. A lot has changed since then. The London-based five-piece, comprised of vocalist Charlie Steen, guitarists Sean Coyle-Smith and Eddie Green, bassist John Finerty, and drummer Charlie Forbes, started their band in 2014 as school boys. Citing legendary post-punkbands The Fall and Wire among their biggest influences, they built their own reputation on a foundation of DIY-ethos and in-your-face confrontation. They had their big break in January 2018 with the release of their acclaimed debut album ‘Songs of Praise’ on Dead Oceans.

On ‘Songs of Praise’ they subtly tackle rock narcissism (‘Gold Hole’), visit the pain of a relationship going nowhere (‘Concrete’) and take aim at the monotony of people and their day-to-day conformation (‘Tasteless’). They are critics of the normal and the mundane, honest and raw. On their hit single ‘One Rizzla’, they turn the gun on themselves to have a look at their own insecurities and embrace them as a strength. It’s not arrogance, it’s well justified confidence in their art and statements.

Shame swiftly earned their place as one of the leaders of the new UK-guitar movement that’s conquering the cultural landscape right now. They have been lauded for their visceral and exhilarating live performances. Adrenaline is being thrown around between the band and crowd while chaos unfolds instantly. If there ever is a band that can ‘tear up a place’, it’s these five guys.

''What sets these lads apart is their beyond-their-years songwriting, riotous live shows and frontman Charlie Steen’s arresting vocals.
heir own, unique brand of sociopolitics-lite, done with a nudge, a wink, and just 
enough of the unexpected.
- Paste Magazine

''one of the most exciting, visceral, feral live experiences in the UK. The South London wrecking crew’s live shows boast an incredible intensity, a sense
of risk, of daring, a feeling that this could all end, all collapse within seconds – but somehow, it doesn’t.''
- Clash Music

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