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11.11 2018

Ryley Walker

Sunday Nov 11




Wild Card ticket holders will be asked to show a valid member card at the Sonic City entrance. If you don't have a member card or forgot it, you will be asked to pay €3.


Ryley Walker loves Chicago, and that’s exactly what he shows on his fifth record ‘Deafman Glance’. “Chicago. More than ever I’m just finding little details about it that I love. (..) It looks gray, there’s not a lot of colour, and I find a lot of radiance in that.” However, this didn’t result in a gray record. Walker tries more than ever to get rid off his folky, acoustic image, and gloriously succeeds. The album is an eclectic mix of strangely-sounding instruments that take the listener on a journey that goes deeper into the singer’s heart than ever before. The help of improvisation legend LeRoy Bach might explain the album’s eclecticism, that never loses track of the song’s finishing point. Music for fans of Steve Gunn, Kevin Morby and The War On Drugs

“‘Deafman Glance’ is road-trip music for a car that keeps breaking down” - Pitchfork

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