11.11 2018

Nilüfer Yanya // CANCELLED

Sunday Nov 11




Wild Card ticket holders will be asked to show a valid member card at the Sonic City entrance. If you don't have a member card or forgot it, you will be asked to pay €3.


Nilüfer Yanya has cancelled her performance at Sonic City Festival.
Last-minute replacement will be SYLVIE KREUSCH
Check the updated time schedule for Sonic City Sunday!

A stolen bike. A golden cage. The coral reef where a lonely flower shop employee swims away her woes. Nilüfer Yanya has always begun tracks with intriguing mental images like these, letting her imagination run away till a hazy, dream-like story surfaces and a sparse, arresting song is born. "All my favourite music is elusive like that," explains the West-London 22-year-old, who has Turkish, Irish and Bajan roots. "I like songs that have stories and situations that you can almost catch, but you can't quite ever catch properly. It's more a vibe... a feeling." Yanya is one of the most promising artists in alternative pop music, having her breakout anthem ‘Baby Luv’ named one of the songs of 2017 by Pitchfork, and featuring herself in the BBC’s Sound of 2018 list.

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