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Lust For Youth

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Copenhagen-based band Lust For Youth – made up of Hannes Norrvide and Malthe Fischer (and in an earlier stage Loke Rahbek)– have been on our radar for a long time.

They played the legendary Noisefest in 2011 at De Kreun for instance ....

The band started as a solo project by Norrvide in 2009. However, The Suede wanted to join the punk band. Some of his friends had already started, but since he only had access to a toy keyboard, they claimed it wasn’t punk enough, so he started making his own music. The early experiments were raw, primitive and drone-y. 2011 saw the release of his first proper full-length ‘Solar Flare’, featuring a darkwave sound and gothic beats that bordered on harsh noise.

While masterfully executed before, the music of Lust For Youth changed drastically when producer Malthe Fischer joined the band. Their last album – ‘Compassion’ (2016) - features danceable, epic songs that examine euphoria and contemporary life, albeit from a slightly ironic point of view. This July, Lust For Youth will be releasing a new, self-titled LP via the legendary label Sacred Bones. In their own words, it’s “the brightest we’ve ever sounded, taking hints from the flirtiest Eurobeat while still taking cues from harsh synthpop”. Sounds like a party to us.

''This is the ambient music of someone else's party, happening far away from where you are, and the distance is part of the allure.''

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