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10.11 2018

Let's Eat Grandma

Saturday Nov 10




Wild Card ticket holders will be asked to show a valid member card at the Sonic City entrance. If you don't have a member card or forgot it, you will be asked to pay €3.


Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth were just 17 when Let’s Eat Grandma released their debut 'I, Gemini'. Childhood friends who grew up writing songs that, over time, emerged into something quite magical. Call it experimental sludge pop, bubblegum-psych rock, it was a marriage of magnificence and makeshift, with synths, saxophones, clapping games, recorders, and secured them sold out shows, critical acclaim, a spellbinding turn on Jools Holland; their audience drawn to the strange beauty of their  music, to something compelling and otherworldly. 

Two years later, second album 'I'm All Ears' was an even greater revelation. Produced by David Wrench (The XX/Frank Ocean/Caribou) and SOPHIE (Vince Staples/Madonna). The album is a portrait of their lives over the two, as they has grown as musicians, but also as young women. Relationships, friendships, mental health, technology, they are all subjects that find their place on the new album. The girls themselves see it as the album on which they no longer act as the inseparable pair they were on 'I,Gemini'. “We’re not twins anymore!” says Jenny. “And the thing is I don’t think we ever really were. But things have happened since the last record that have made us have our own individual lives.” For Rosa, this has included starting  a  relationship;  for  Jenny,  forging  her  own  social  circle,  an  increased interest  inelectronic music and internet culture. “Before we were tied together,” says  Rosa.  “And  I  think  as  we’ve  got  older  we’ve  definitely  become  more individual as people. But we’re probably closer friends now than we were back then. So it’s not so much of a separation, we both got into different things, but we still spend all our time together.”

“I don’t understand how anyone other than someone our age, whose had our experiences, could write this record. I don’t think they could. Because it’s so personal. Not just in the lyrics, but in the sound of it.” -Jenny Hollingworth

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