The Inbetweens

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The Inbetweens


"The Inbetweens are dangerous in the best way. Check out their newest and mightiest salvo NOW!"  
-Nels Cline (WILCO, Nels Cline Singers)

"How about that, a guitar-trio jam record that’s nothing but fun. Just get in the car, put the album on repeat, and you can drive damn near ANYWHERE."
- Greg Burk, Metal Jazz L.A.

The Inbetweens force the guitar trio format to walk the plank and make it jump anyway”
- Deli magazine, Boston 

"named for their propensity to play “in between” styles...The spacier-than-thou outfit is celebrating the release of its third album, Quantum Cowboy.
- Seven Days, Vt

“a groovy, progressive fusion outfit.”
- Time out ny

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