Föllakzoid Curated by Sonic City

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Sonic City 2019


Curated by Sonic City

Hailing all the way from Santiago, Chile, childhood friends Diego(drums), Juan Pablo (bass, vocals), Alfredo (synth) and Domingo(guitar) started playing together as Föllakzoid in 2008. During their first practice, they jammed on one song in free-form style for overtwo hours fuelled by a vast chemistry that would become a definingcharacteristic of the music to come.

They believe that there is somesort   of   gravitational   force   that   makes   South-America  able   to dialogue directly with other places, times, and dimensions. Heavily informed by the heritage of the ancient music of the Andes, Föllakzoid has learned to integrate this influence with contemporary sounds of their times, most notably krautrock.
After releasing their first album full of trippy grooves in 2009 on cassette, they got picked up by cult-label Sacred Bones.

All the work they released ever   since,   saw   them   growing   through   ‘depuration’.  
With   each record, the band aimed to fill longer spaces of time with fewer and fewer elements whilst never losing the transcendent vibe.

“It might not be music for glowsticks and MDMA, but it’ll get the strobe flashing in your brain, for sure.”
- SPIN magazine


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