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09.11 2018

Emma Ruth Rundle

pre-party Friday Nov 9




Wild Card ticket holders will be asked to show a valid member card at the Sonic City entrance. If you don't have a member card or forgot it, you will be asked to pay €3.


After releasing a split EP together with Jaye Jayle and the critically much aclaimed album 'Marked For Death', Emma Ruth Rundle will be releasing her newest album 'On Dark Horses' on September 14th. Rundle is known for her dark yet uplifting melancholic songs. The album was first presented on an exclusive listening party at the beginning of september, together with a series of paintings made by the artist herself. Rundle doesn't just make music, she is an artist that makes complete artworks. Just watching the video to 'Real Big Sky', the closing track to 'Marked For Death', clearly shows Rundles creativity. Rundle will be bringing a full band to the Sonic City Pre-Party, to assure an incredible concert.

'Rundle has made her name performing mournful, minor key compositions, swelling with gothic drama, and her latest is her heaviest and most uplifting work yet.' - Pitchfork

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