10.11 2018

Eleanor Friedberger

Saturday Nov 10




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When the Fiery Furnaces went on hiatus in 2011, both brother and sister Friedberger decided to go for a solo career. Matthew released his second solo album ‘Solos’, while Eleanor released her first one, that went by the title ‘Last Summer’. The album’s warm sound, combined with the incredible songwriting skills she developed during her years with the Fiery Furnaces, resulted in a debut that seamlessly fits into the tradition of Harry Nilsson, Joni Mitchell and Todd Rundgren.

For her second album ‘Personal Record’, released two years later, Friedberger collaborated with alt-folk singer and novelist John Wesley Harding. The album is filled with wordplay and strong, fleeting emotions.

Third album ‘New View’ mostly reflected her move from New York City to Upstate New York. The result appears to be poppier than her first two records, with songs that talk about getting sick on roller coasters or taking pictures in front of a sweet Lamborghini on the street.

On the fourth of May 2018, Friedberger released her latest album ‘Rebound’. Where she recorded her previous album together with her touring band, she decided to record this one by herself, together with producer Clemens Knieper. As with most contemporary music, the American political shift had a strong impact on the album, with Friedberger trying to become even more self-reliant. Friedberger even moved to Greece, where she encountered a society in need, that knew weekly protest marches. It’s in Athens that Friedberger discovered Rebound, an 80s goth disco that played Baltic knock-offs of famous New Wave songs. It was this sound that was a great source of inspiration for Friedberger, when creating this new album.

Eleanor Friedberger will be presenting her newest record during Sonic City.

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