Eiko Ishibashi Curated by Cate Le Bon

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Sonic City 2019

Eiko Ishibashi

Curated by Cate Le Bon




Japanese musician, producer and singer-songwriter Eiko Ishibashi is a jack of all trades and a master of all them. She is equally as comfortable composing and performing everything from quirky pop, modern classical music and prog to the extremes of improvisational jazz and noise. In between making, releasing and touring her own music, the Japanese artist also finds time to perform and work together with great artists as Jim O’Rourke (Sonic Youth, Gastr Del Sol) and Merzbow.

The song writing process of her sixth solo album, ‘The Dream My Bones Dream’ – released earlier in 2019, began with the death of Eiko’s father. Going through family effects, she found photos from a time she knew nothing about: her father’s childhood, which took place in an infamous setting; the Japanese occupation of China’s Manchurian region in the 1940s. In light of this, questions about Eiko’s lost family history and the ever-changing relationships between people and places in our lives took on a larger resonance. ‘The Dream My Bones Dream’ is a record of exquisite musicality and deep emotions, a travelogue pointed towards a time hopefully better than the future we see coming down the line.

''the Japanese singer/songwriter explores a peculiar family history in songs that pull her own musical past into the present.''
- Pitchfork

''Ishibashi has found that perfect place between experimentation and pop tradition that brings about the rare artifact of accessible music that still holds interest listen after listen.''
- SlugMag

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