10.11 2018


Saturday Nov 10




Wild Card tickets holders will be asked to show a valid member card at the Sonic City entrance. If you can not provide a member card or forgot yours, you will be asked to pay €3

Cate Le Bon is coming to this year’s Sonic City Festival, and she’s bringing Tim Presley with her. The pair started collaborating back in 2015, and go by the name of Drinks. Le Bon and Presley released the album ‘Hermits On Holiday’, a free-form album that was recorded in L.A., and is seen by both as a lot of time spent "playing guitar and laughing maniacally at each other." Defying the limits of song structures is their main goal, as well as having fun together.

Their second album ‘Hippo Lite’ was released earlier this year, and drags the listener into a disturbing world, where Presley and Le Bon are King & Queen. The pair retreated to a commune in the South of France, where there was no wifi or social activity. Presley described the process as him bringing up ideas, followed by Le Bon completely deconstructing them. The result sounds blissfully removed, and is an ideal soundtrack to a late-night listening session.

Bradford Cox (Deerhunter):
“I have not listened to anything except the new DRINKS album. At first I was like, this is a mind fuck. Then I became addicted. It is totally brilliant.”

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