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Sonic City



Formed by Shinji Masuko in Sapporo, 1989.  In the span of two years from its formation the group reached peak popularity in the Sapporo music scene, prompting the band to relocate to Tokyo in 1992 to further their musical career.  After moving to Tokyo, the band underwent a drastic personnel change while still under Shinji’s direction, and by 1996 they successfully released several works from indie labels such as Less Than TV.

In 1997, the group released their first major label album on Por Supuesto!, an EMI subsidiary label.  In 1999, the DMBQ signed with PARCO/COLUMBIA and released two albums.  During this time, the band began regularly appearing in popular domestic music festivals such as the Fuji Rock Festival.

In 2002, the group signed with Japan’s largest major label AVEX TRAX, followed by numerous performances both domestic and overseas ranging from live shows to festival appearances.

In 2005, DMBQ released their album “Essential Sound From Far East” which was distributed domestically by AVEX TRAX and overseas by Estrus / Touch & Go.  The album received wide acclaim, leading the group to gain greater popularity overseas.

In 2007, Shinji joined the world renowned experimental music group “BOREDOMS”, and his growing involvement in this group gradually replaced musical activities with DMBQ.  Upon joining the BOREDOMS, the group successfully led a number of international tours, culminating in their 2007 “77 BOADRUM” event, a performance held in New York City involving 77 drummers which received critical praise worldwide.  Shinji was a critical member from the early planning stages of the event.  This year, Shinji and EYE Yamatsuka appeared at Japanese largest rock festival called FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL  as their new project FINALBY(  ) too. During this time, Shinji continued performing as a solo artist, releasing several solo works overseas.

DMBQ activities resumed in 2014.  After undergoing several musical form changes, DMBQ reestablished itself.  2018 marked DMBQ's  domestic release of  new album “KEENLY”, followed by the confirmation of its release in the United States through DRAG CITY / GOD?.  Following their reformation, the group has appeared in numerous large music festivals such as Fuji Rock Festival, Rising Sun Rock Festival etc and toured in US with Ty Segall and Freedom Band.

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