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In  these  trying  times,  where  intimacy  and  closeness  are  fraught  with  danger, Dans  Dans brings  you  the  sound  of  connection, communication, passion and togetherness.Dans Dans unites the talents of three of Belgium’s most prolific music makers in Bert Dockx (Flying Horseman), Fred Lyenn Jacques (Lyenn, The Mark Lanegan Band) and Steven Cassiers (Dez Mona, DAAU). An utterly unique musical collective, the trio released a new album ‘Zink’ via Ghent based independent Unday Records.

From jazz, psychedelic blues and ecstatic noir soundtracks to spacey rock ‘n’ roll, Dans Dans cut their teeth on the cool jazz caféscene  in  Flanders,  Brussels  with  their  sensational  live  performances  and  have  since  gone  on  to  become  a  mainstay  on  the flourishing Belgian musical landscape. Releasing their self-produced, eponymous debut album back in 2012, their highly distinctive, intuitive mix of musical styles andtheirever-imaginative live shows caught the attention of discerning music lovers, journalists andpromoters. A relatively unknown tour de force outside the Benelux region, Dans Danshave built a solid fan base since their inception with limited edition runs ofearly releases becoming collector’s items among vinyl enthusiasts.

 “This is no fusion, no rock or jazz or ambient. This is the sound of thesearching,intuitive human, of a timeless, mysterious dream, of the heart,the gut and the soul,” says Dockx.

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