Sonic City 2018

11.11 2018

The Courtneys

Sunday Nov 11



Wild Card ticket holders will be asked to show a valid member card at the Sonic City entrance. If you don't have a member card or forgot it, you will be asked to pay €3.

Photo: Andrew Volk

When a label that has been signing New-Zealandian bands for over 35 years suddenly decides to sign a Canadian band, you just know that something special has to be going on.

Meet The Courtneys.
Courtney Loove (guitar), Sydney Kooke (bass/vocals) and Jen Twynn Payne (lead vocals/drums) had formed several different bands up till the moment when the three of them got together and started calling themselves The Courtneys. It was at that exact moment that their music started to draw the attention of the international press.

The band’s first album went by the name ‘The Courtneys’, and was meant to be a four-song EP. However, the band’s ideas easily surpassed this four-song limitation, resulting in an eight-track album that quickly sold out. The three following years were used to optimize their sound, resulting in their second album ‘The Courtneys II’. The album is an experimental trip through song structures, with a strong focus on sound. The band didn’t want to take any risks, which resulted in the audition of six different sound engineers. As for the mastering engineer, the instruction was given to create the sound that Teenage Fanclub produced on their third album ‘Bandwagonesque’.

The Courtneys describe their own music as ‘slacker pop’ and ‘artisanal grunge’, while critics like to file them under ‘garage pop’ and ‘surf rock’. What’s clear is that they resemble many of the 1980’s kiwi bands like The Clean or Look Blue Go Purple, bands that are also part of the Flying Nun Records family, to which the Courtneys belong. Pitchfork described their second album as 'making sad songs sound like a blast'. Just what we need at SC '18!


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