10.11 2018

Courtney Barnett

Saturday Nov 10




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Photo: Pooneh Ghana

During the past 8 years, Courtney Barnett has taken the music world by storm. Starting off in a grunge band, then moving on to play the slide guitar with Immigrant Union, Barnett managed to get a spot as lead guitarist on (her current wife) Jen Cloher’s third album ‘In Blood Memory’. Her work drew the attention of record label Marathon Artists, who released The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas, a combination of Barnett’s first solo EP’s. Both EP’s drew strong international attention, and kickstarted Barnett’s career.

Barnett released her debut ‘Sometimes I Just Sit And Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit’ two years later, clearly meeting expectations that had been created by her double EP. Critics loved the album, with its very down to earth approach and description of everyday topics. Barnett sings about a swimmer passing out when trying to impress the person in the next lane, or a couple that enters a widow’s life when they start searching for a house, things that can happen in anybody’s everyday life. Barnett seems to be presenting herself as a local, that gives her opinion on these events to a local tv crew.

Last year, Barnett released her collaboration with Kurt Vile, that went by the title ‘Whole Lotta Sea Lice’. The combination of both hesitating slacker artists resulted in a strong album, easily surpassing those other legendary Kurt & Courtney. The album is defined by a very spontaneous “we’ll see what comes out of it” vibe, that sums up quite well both artists’ approach to music. The album is a reflection of two musicians, reflecting on their own songwriting methods.

Courtney Barnett will be curating this year’s Sonic City Festival. 
We asked her, and she said 'yes'. 
All love.


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