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Sonic City 2019


Curated by Shame

Bij tickets gekocht aan een voordeeltarief wordt een geldig kortingsbewijs gevraagd aan de ingang.



Corridor is a four-piece hailing from Montreal, Canada. They take familiar elements but assemble and scramble them in a way you may not have heard before. For instance; there’s a twin-guitar interplay that recalls the late-70s new wave of XTC with a sense of melody that shows a love of 60s psychedelica and sunshine pop. You can sense these influences but still, Corridor puts their own twist on it. It definitely helps that they sings entirely in French. Don’t let that put you off though; on their acid-baked 2017 album ‘Supermercado’, they proved that music breaks through language barriers. In the end, Corridor claims they are at their best live. Guitars slash, harmonies soar, everything becomes a blur.

“Supermercado is a record of graceful ferocity, full of youthful anthems and guitars jangling like Moorish swords, as if the whole thing was written to celebrate the glory of a country of wolves and wild abandon.”

“Corridor are the kind of band I’m prone to like, drawing influences from the warped pop of the post-punk era, mixing nervy, hyper playing with dreamy harmonies and the occasional odd time signature.”
- Brooklyn Vegan

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