10.11 2018

The Coathangers

Saturday Nov 10




Wild Card tickets holders will be asked to show a valid member card at the Sonic City entrance. If you can not provide a member card or forgot yours, you will be asked to pay €3

Since they first played together as a joke in 2006, the Coathangers have proved themselves to be very productive, releasing five full albums and a dozen of singles. The Atlanta garage punks released their ‘Live’ album earlier this year, and are coming to Europe to show their performance in real life. They have a strong live reputation, spending the last decade touring bars all over the world.

With songs like ‘Don’t Touch My Shit’ and ‘Nestle In My Boobies’, the band shows that they aren’t your classical girl band, and are ready to fight against the establishment. 

The band consists of Julia Kugel (Guitar/Vocals), Meredith Franco (Bass/Vocals) and Stephanie Luke (Drums/Vocals), as Kandice Jones, who was responsible for synths, left the band in 2013. Grrl-power all the way!

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