CAN PT.II Ege Bamyasi Curated by Sonic City

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CAN PT.II Ege Bamyasi

Curated by Sonic City

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A wild bunch of musicians celebrates the 50th anniversary of CAN’s four legendary records. This year, they play Ege Bamyasi.

The German krautrock band CAN released four legendary records four years in a row exactly 50 years ago. This history will be celebrated together in the coming years by Oï les Ox, Joachim Badenhorst, Sergeant, Lennert Jacobs and Milan W. as an occasional band. Once every year, they revive an album by playing it live. After Tago Mago, this year they play Ege Bamyasi from 1972.

Recommended for fans of: CAN.

CAN pt.II Ege Bamyasi is a REMAIIN artist - thanks to the support of Creative Europe.

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