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Boy Harsher

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Boy Harsher is beatsmith Augustus Muller and singer-performer Jae Matthews. Both have a background in film and started a project in 2013 called Teen Dreamz, which consisted of Matthews reading self-written short stories while Muller provided a live musical score. Slowly, the music became more danceable and the performance of Matthews more dramatic. In 2014, they changed their name and started releasing music. 2016 brought their full-length debut ‘Yr Body is Nothing’, full of dark songs of raw, discomforting emotion. They quickly gathered a fan base.

The duo produces a dark, danceable form of electropop. Their songs rely on minimal beats and synth textures that provide a frame for Matthews’ dynamic, sensual vocals and lyrics about desire, fantasy and loneliness. Their sophomore album ‘Careful’, released in February this year, deepens their cinematic approach to music and words by touching on themes like personal loss and mental illness

''It’s easy to imagine these tracks playing well to the goth clubs of the world, but it’s chiseled and streamlined in a way that suggests it might also slip into the cracks of a techno set. That in-betweenness is what makes Boy Harsher’s work, and that of their peers, so interesting.''
- Pitchfork


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