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Curated by Low

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Bnny toes the bleary line between dream pop and bedroom rock. While Jess Viscius (singer) cites the two-chord simplicity of the Velvet Underground as a major influence on her songwriting, she and her indie-rock band use that minimalist blueprint to build sturdy songs that crackle with energy.

‘Everything’, the debut album from Chicago quintet Bnny, may as well be a field recording taken from the lone country of grief. Written in sessions that span several years by singer Jess Viscius as she processed the death of her partner, the album is a chronicle of love at its most complex and loss at its most persistent. Viscius and her bandmates—her twin sister Alexa Viscius, plus best friends Tim Makowski, Matt Pelkey and Adam Schubert—render these songs as inky noir vignettes, with Viscius’ half-whispered vocals giving them a sense of poise and power that’s cool to the touch, even as the songs find her at her most vulnerable.


Recommended for fans of: Low, Sharon Van Etten. 

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