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14.10 2017

Altar Of Flies



Bij tickets gekocht aan een voordeeltarief wordt een geldig kortingsbewijs gevraagd aan de ingang.

We are psyched to finally have Mattias Gustafsson on our line-up. Since 2006, Altar Of Flies (SE) has unleashed almost 50 releases on different labels such as Jartecknet, iDEAL Recordings, Release The Bats, and his own Hasten & Korset label. Throughout the years, Altar Of Flies has become one of the key players within the Swedish tape noise scene, and his musical evolution has been a real treat to follow. Last January Mattias released an LP under his own name on the B.A.A.D.M. label, showing himself from his most vulnerable side. The latest Altar of Flies album was released by Jartecknet in 2016 and is a mandatory purchase for anyone into post-modern industrial music. We didn't manage to get Dilloway on the bill, but fuck that, we've got Gustafsson.

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