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Sun Kil Moon


Sun Kil Moon is an American act from SF, California, founded in 2002. Initially a continuation of the defunct indie rock band Red House Painters: Sun Kil Moon is now the primary recording moniker of vocalist and guitarist Mark Kozelek. The project is named after the Korean lightweight boxer Sung-Kil Moon.

Following the delayed release of Red House Painters' final studio album, Old Rmon, 2001, vocalist and guitarist Kozelek began recording new material under the name Sun Kil Moon with bandmates Anthony Koutsos (drums) and Jerry Vessel (bass), alongside Geoff Stanfield and Tim Mooney. The resulting album Ghosts of the Great Highway, was released in 2003 to widespread critical acclaim. The project's second studio album Tiny Cities (2005), was composed entirely of Modest Mouse cover songs.

In 2008, the band released its third studio album, April. Recorded as a three-piece by Kozelek, Koutsos and Stanfield, the album was well received and featured guest vocal appearances from noted indie rock musicians  Will Odham and Ben Gibbard.

Inspired by classical guitar music, Kozelek recorded Sun Kil Moon's fourth studio album, Admiral Fell Promises (2010), as a solo act, and continued to record mostly alone on its follow-up, Among the Leaves (2012). In 2013, Kozelek released three studio albums under his own name before releasing Sun Kil Moon's sixth studio album, Benji, in February 2014, to widespread critical acclaim and increased exposure. Sun Kil Moon's latest studio album, Common as Light and Love are Red Valleys of Blood was released in February 2017.

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