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Sonic City 2019


Curated by Shame




What happens when you put five young lads with different musicalinfluences together in a room to jam? It could be the start of a badjoke but in case of British band Squid it was the start of somethingvery special. With influences ranging from German experimentalbands NEU! and Can and a lot of instrumental post-rock all the way to   ambient   pioneer   Brian   Eno,   the   quintet   started   their   careerplaying a lot of jazzy, ambient stuff.

Along the way, they evolved into a whole different beast...Singles ‘The Dial’ and ‘Houseplants’ are not jazzy or ambient. Squid combines   the   dance-punk   of   the   mid-00’s   with   math-rock-hyperactivity and frantic singing about everyday weirdness. It’s astylistic   mixture   that   never   feels   forced   but   still   feels   kind   ofunsettling, in the most beautiful way possible. Add to that their impeccable   live   reputation   and   it’s   obvious   why   you   find   thisLondon-/Brighton-based group on every list of buzziest new bandsaround.

''They might only be a couple of years into life as a band, but themomentum behind Squid over the last six months speaks for itself;unusual and idiosyncratic, theirs is an infectious sonic viewpointthat’s pricking up more ears by the day.
- DIY Magazine

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