The Soft Moon Sonic City FRIDAY (pre-party)

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Sonic City 2017

The Soft Moon

Sonic City FRIDAY (pre-party)

THE SOFT MOON plays Sonic City Friday 10.11 at De Kreun
23h30 - 00h


The Soft Moon is an American post-punk band from Oakland, consisting of main producer, singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist Luis Vasquez. The Soft Moon's music covers a wide range of genres including EBM, krautrock, electropunk and darkwave.

The Soft Moon was founded by Vasquez as a solo project in 2009. He released two singles, "Breathe the Fire" and "Parallels", while working on his debut Self Titled LP. Prior to its release, Vasquez directed his energy into building a band around his project with the aim of delivering a full sensory experience within the context of live performance. The Soft Moon integrate visual elements on stage to accompany performances, which frequently include light shows.

The Soft Moon was supposed to play Sonic City 2015 (curated by Viet Cong, now known as Preoccupations) but had to cancel their show. We're glad to have them 'back' at Sonic City! For real this time...


DOORS: 18H30
BRIAN CASE: 19H30-20H00 (30”)
METZ :20H30-21H10 (40”)
MOON DUO: 21H40-22H30 (50”)
THE SOFT MOON: 23H00-24H00 (60”)


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