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PVA is the genre-hopping passion project of London-based musicians Ella Harris, Josh Baxter, and Louis Satchell. The trio crosses genres in rapturous live sets, incorporating techno landscapes, Balearic euphoria and industrial miasma into the same songs. The band's unique energy is combined with blocky synths, deadpan vocals and motoric drum loops.

PVA signed with Speedy Wunderground to do one of their prestigious sessions (following the likes of Black Midi, Squid and Black Country, New Road) and sold 250 records before any could be shipped.

'Toner’ is PVA’s first EP, but it teems with excitement. Never for a minute does it sit still, skipping between ideas with instinctive ease, bringing to light a broad palate of sounds and influences. ‘Toner’ is simply the first chapter of a book we’ll be re-reading for years to come.

★★★★ PVA - 'Toner’ EP review: "no-nonsense beats and imperious ambition from the dancefloors of south London." - NME

★★★★ PVA - 'TONER': "A group to keep a close eye on." - DIY

Recommended for fans of: King Krule, English Teacher and Whispering Sons

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