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Atlanta, Georgia, is a hot place but OMNI erupted from it with a cool and breezy lo-fi nonchalance. In paying homage to post-punk forebears like Wire and Devo, Omni delivers a succinct and focused sound. Wiry guitar and incisive rhythms melt with sneaky, danceable melodies to round off the hard angles. Their debut album 'Deluxe' represents a mission statement to cruise a steady though lavish wave of disenchantment like it’s 1979. Omni found themselves recording the follow-up in between tours. This resulted in the punk getting more 'proto' and less ‘post'. With 'Multi-task', Omni capitalizes on the indulgences of ‘Deluxe’ melodically, rhythmically and in aesthetic indifference.

2019 brought good news for the Atlantans as they signed a worldwide recording deal with Sub Pop, one of the most legendary American indie labels. They are currently working on their third album and already released two new tracks as part of the iconic Sub Pop Singles Club series. ‘Delicacy’ and ‘I Don’t Dance’ give a glimpse of things to come. Go check it out. It’s worth it.

“The wiry Atlanta, Ga. rock trio Omni sells its nervous energy as a logical way of dealing with the world. Where other bands might smooth things out, Omni finds angles and sharp turns.”
- Pitchfork

“Omni deliver the songs with all the punch of a band twice their size. They beat the tar out of the sophomore slump and come away with another instant classic album.”
- AllMusic about ‘Multi-task’

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