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Sonic City 2017

Olimpia Splendid


Olimpia Splendid are Heta, Jonna and Katri, an all-female trio from Finland, with roots deep in the Finnish underground/punk scene. They formed the band in the Summer of 2010, having also played in the likes of Toblerones, Bananas, Snällas Blood, Hertta Lussu Ässä, Hockey Night and Kuupuu. Unhindered by their lack of technical knowledge, the trio makes messy, demented rock in the style of The Shaggs and The Slits.

Nuttu Nurin (which - fun fact - is Finnish for “jacket inside out”), their debut 7” offering c/o Fonal Records, is comprised of three exclusive, interlocking tracks that also whet the appetite for a more expansive Springtime salvo on Blackest Rainbow. The album is a murky collage of live recordings and rehearsal jams, bearing witness to a band in their element. Thus far Olimpia Splendid have played shows in Sweden, Estonia and Finland, with further opportunities to catch the band live poised tentatively on the horizon. As John W. Fail once said of a bill "… the reason to come is to see Olimpia Splendid, who have stumbled into some true mindmeld dark juju ... seriously, this is like seeing the Dead C circa 1993, or Can in '71 ....”.

Olimpia Splendid offer a more feral synopsis:
“Beat is thh root, related to asbesto's boogie. Shrieks, clumsy hypnoso.
Olimpia Splendid is the blooming and rotting flower of the scorpio / mud cake rising. 
Was born in 2010 at the engineer area of the capital; Heta (guitar, vocals), 
Katri (bass, vocals) and Jonna (guitar, vocals).
Ari set the golden microphones up and left us in the studio. We recorded three songs.
It took a few hours. We walked back home in the storm.

KL: suddenbirth before the gig at the fishharbour. Cheeseballs: rolling on the floor 
(later seen in the deep snow, being eaten by a magpie). Jukka-Pekka: you can find him
from the intterweb, if you look at father's friends.

Heart, beat with me”.

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