Mega Bog Curated by Cate Le Bon

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Sonic City 2019

Mega Bog

Curated by Cate Le Bon




Mega Bog is the fluid musical moniker of songwriter Erin Elizabeth Birgy, a rodeo child with an unmistakable laugh, who was allegedly cursed upon conception. She has spent the last ten years channelling, capturing, and releasing her unique bouquet of fragrant, sci-fi pop experiments with a handful of collaborators, resulting in moving albums and live concerts known for their emotional unpredictability. Onstage, Erin’s mood is amplified, for better or for worse; she is an honest and determined performer.

The title of Mega Bog’s upcoming album ‘Dolphine’ - her fifth - is inspired by a myth that suggests that, as humankind evolved from sea creatures, some individuals chose not to leave the water and walk the earth, but rather to stay in the ocean and explore the darkness as dolphins. Ablaze with jealousy, anger, and sadness, the songs were inspired by Erin’s own swim through a myriad of overwhelming emotions, including the ongoing mourning following the death of her childhood horse Rose, her navigation of the feelings and physicality of two abortions, and the hapless and shattering social, political, and environmental turmoil on the planet known as Earth.

“Imagine an adventure game quest with Yoko Ono as your guide, or Laurie Anderson doing her best David Attenborough impression: a deep, joyful abstraction that draws to a pure, human conclusion.
– Pitchfork


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