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Sonic City 2019


Poppunt - Excite




Maz is a 19-year-old English-rapper from Luxembourg. Ever since he discovered his passion for music and poetry, he only strives for his one big dream : to start a career and make a living as a musician. Indeed, he made a rather spectacular entry into the scene, having his first performance ever on a stage with his Idol Ocean Wisdom. From there on things only got better for Maz, having big success at Screaming Fields 2017 at Rockhal where he won 6 prices including the first edition of the Cactus Song Contest, as well as playing at Food For Your Senses, e-Lake Festival, Rock um Knuedler or a few Fête de la Musique stages he was also supporting act of French rap superstar Sofiane. His style can be described as very modern with a few old school influences, having
a quite technical flow that's often accompanied by rather melancholic atmospheres.

MAZ was added by Poppunt as part of the EXCITE Music Project:
Excite is a highly-collaborative project between nine partner organisations based across Europe (BE, DE, DK, FI, LU, NO, NL, SE, UK). This innovative network leverages a dynamic mechanism to expedite the internationalisation of young artists and music businesses earlier in there careers/ development.



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