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Sonic City 2017



LIARS return in 2017 bearing new recordings from deep in the Australian bush.

The bustling backdrops of Los Angeles, Berlin and New York have been replaced with a presence far more intimate and autobiographical as Liars once again boldly step out of their comfort zone into vastly new musical territory.

To get a glimpse of the forthcoming album, out in August, watch these five short clips: and follow the playlist to be the first to see and hear additional material, new clips will be added throughout the summer.

Following an amicable parting of ways with Aaron Hemphill, Angus Andrew decamped to his native Australia to create an album unlike any Liars had attempted before.

In Angus' words: “My favourite feeling is going into the complete unknown. What's the point in making something you know you can? My goal was to make creative decisions that keep me awake at night.”

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