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The Rotterdam based band Lewsberg shows a penchant for existentialism and black humor. Repetitive rock songs characterized by a casual intensity.

Sometimes change comes with big shocks, sometimes it comes with small steps. On Lewsberg’s new album 'In Your Hands', a bit of both seems to be happening. The album embodies the moment when all the bricks are there, but the wall has yet to be built. It’s a moment with perspective, a moment where everything still seems possible, but caution is advised. The album sounds both smaller and more spacious than the previous albums. Guitar chords are plucked instead of fiercely struck, the bass guitar is given more room for melodic explorations, the drum kit is dismantled to just a tom and a tambourine. There is doubt in the lyrics, but it’s a strong kind of doubt. A doubt that can stand in the way of a wrong decision but also invite for a good conversation.

The old Lewsberg has been professionally demolished and the building blocks are on display. Ready for future applications and already finished at the same time. ‘In Your Hands’ is therefore an ode to the potential and a call to carefully give way to it. Just what we need right now. But if I were to claim this so boldly, I wouldn't have learned much from Lewsberg.

Recommended for fans of: Fontaines DC, The Homesick, Pip Blom and Rats on Rafts.

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