Joe McPhee + DKV Sonic City SUNDAY

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Sonic City 2017

Joe McPhee + DKV

Sonic City SUNDAY

The multi-instrumentalist Joe McPhee's legendary early work was the stuff that got the Hat Hut label started on its current mission of documenting the work of the world's great avant garde and free jazz players, after, the great Okka Disk label made their mark in a similar vein with a set of recordings by McPhee playing in various solo, duo, and trio combinations with Chicago players Ken Vandermark and Kent Kessler. Vandermark is a longtime fan of McPhee, and the two of them play together wonderfully on the CD "Meeting in Chicago". McPhee's sensitivity brings out a whole new side of both players, and the set's a brilliant document of a highly productive studio date recorded during his first appearance in Chicago.

The DKV Trio is made up of Ken Vandermark on saxophones and clarinets, Kent Kessler on bass and Hamid Drake on drums. They have been playing together in this configuration since 1997, and over those many years have built up a nearly telepathic mode of cooperation with one another and their free improvisations bear this out.

Put all four together and you get the best fireworks to come from a quartet.


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