Dennis Tyfus + Cameron Jamie Sonic City SUNDAY

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Sonic City 2017

Dennis Tyfus + Cameron Jamie

Sonic City SUNDAY

Antwerp label Ultra Eczema's enfant terrible Dennis Tyfus performs with visual artist Cameron Jamie (US).

Cameron Jamie (born in Los Angeles, 1969) is an American artist. His multidisciplinary work has explored and analyzed how the structures of mythology in popular and vernacular cultures are shaped and shared, and the extent to which they participate in the creation of individuals’ fictional worlds and fictional selves. His work has been shown widely and internationally. Jamie was the subject of a major retrospective exhibition at the Walker Art Center, in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2006 which traveled to MIT List Visual Arts Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2007. 

In 2013, Kunsthalle Zurich staged the largest European survey of the artist's work covering Jamie's films, music, drawings, sculptures, photography, and his practice in self-publishing his own artist's books. He was a founding member the Los Angeles artist band, Gobbler. He has collaborated and performed with musicians such as Keiji Haino and the American rock band The Melvins, who toured and performed live with Jamie's films. He lives and works in Paris, France.

Antwerp-based artist Dennis Tyfus has been drawing non-stop since the age of five. His work can be seen all over the city of Antwerp, executed directly on walls or featured in stickers, flyers and posters. Tyfus works very international and occupies a special place within the Antwerp art scene, as he does not see himself as engaged with art at all, let alone the art world. Tyfus never concerns himself with how to go about creating an art work or whether the viewer will consider what he does to be ‘art’. He is constantly occupied instead with numerous activities he considers vitally important: music, drawing, magazines, posters, record covers, radio shows, concerts and performances. He is the founder of the label Ultra Eczema.


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