Comfort Curated by Black Country, New Road

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Curated by Black Country, New Road

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Comfort’s simple set up of Sean on drums and Nat as magnetic frontwoman, backed with industrial soundscapes and off-kilter electronic sub beats is anything but conventional. The sibling duo has a genuine desire to inspire other people in Glasgow to express themselves confidently.

Citing hip-hop, politics and dance music as their main influences, Comfort are something entirely idiosyncratic. Their sheer live power leaves audiences excited and wild-eyed, and their energy is infectious, as is the rawness of their messages. The confrontation in their music is a sheer reflection of anger at the world’s intense injustices as well as a free outlet of self-expression. 'We do not make music to be nice, or sit easy with people, we are angry, and we mean every word. Things need to change, and if music is to reflect the times, then it must reflect that today’.

This isn’t to say the band’s music is unengaging or even totally aggressive; much of what they do involves ‘taking something ugly and making it beautiful or danceable’. They seek to empower and liberate people from societal pressures, from themselves, and from everything that subjugates. What can be taken away from their music is ‘that nothing is set in stone, norms should be questioned and resisted and when things no longer serve us, they must be destroyed. That trans people are beautiful. To have been made to go unheard does not mean that you have to be apologetic. To be ignored does not mean that you have nothing valid to say. Your voice is power’.

Their debut album 'Not Passing' was released in 2019 and ever since they have been working on new music. 

Recommended for fans of: Crack Cloud, Yard Act, Yves Tumor and Gilla Band.

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