Blanck Mass Curated by Shame

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Sonic City 2019

Blanck Mass

Curated by Shame




Benjamin John Power is the ‘electronic’ musician behind Blanck Mass. You might know him as a founding member of the duo Fuck Buttons. For his solo project, Power took the animalistic simplicity and energy of his former band’s sound and crafted it into something otherworldly, rich in melodic composition as well as experimentation. Since 2011’s self-titled debut album, he hasn’t taken a breath. He released two more albums, ‘Dumb Flesh’ (2015) and ‘World Eater’ (2017), to critical acclaim, collaborated with artists as Zola Jesus and The London Symphony Orchestra for the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony and toured the world heavily, both solo as in support of acts such as Sigur Ros and Slowdive.

As an artist, Blanck Mass refuses to conform to ‘constraints of genre’. Instead, he chooses to navigate his way through all kinds of musical characterizations, being comfortable with writing a 3-minute punk song as he is composing a 12-minute orchestral movement. He jumps from violent to soothing, from dynamic to stark. If aliens where to try to interpret human’s 20th century music, it might sound a little like the music of Blanck Mass.

''a low organ drone and what sounds like rubble being poured down a metal chute lends an evocative industrial mood to “Minnesota/Eas Fors/Naked”, perfect for a dystopian sci-fi soundtrack.''
- The Independent


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