Black Country, New Road Curated by Shame

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Sonic City 2019

Black Country, New Road

Curated by Shame




It’s all happening quickly for the London-based six-piece Black Country, New Road. Their first fame came before they even released one song, proving just how intense and bewildering their live performances are. Colossal metal riffs mangle with frenetic jazz freakouts, string motifs occasionally bring a film noir feel while the razor tight rhythm section keeps everything tied together. Lyrically, they find themselves in the waters of beatnik poets brought with a Mark E. Smith (The Fall) intensity.

‘Athen’s, France’ serves as a first recorded example of what this band is capable of. It’s a piece of creepy, darkened punk that ends in some kind of apocalyptic state. It’s “a spectacular return to bad form; a romantic encounter; and a chronic fear of intercourse” as the band describes it. In it’s runtime of six minutes, the song cynically refers to Ariana Grande, mimics Phoebe Bridgers while taking down the corners of modern society and being more than okay with not fitting in. We can’t wait to see what more this collective has up its sleeve.

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